Iwearwatches - Did Not ship watch,charged credit card

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I ordered a watch on 8/21/07. They charged my card. I have not received the watch! I it now March 08, I have written and tried to call. Do not order from iwearwatches.com. They practice internet fraud. The are theives. Nike should take them off of there list of retailers. We had to spend another $90 to get my daughter the watch. Unfortunately there was nothing warning of this company. Nike HQ seems to think that they are reputable. I am writing to them again to get a refund. If no response I'll call the local District Attorney and file a complaint.

Robert Lucas

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Iwearwatches - Help!

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I bought a watch by internet o www.iwearwatches.com on september 27th. They have already charged me on my VISA card invoice but didn't deliver it. I tried to contact them by e-mail nd phone call, but they didn't replied anything. Below, a copy of the order confirmation they sent to me. I hope you can help me. I live in Brazil.

Order ID: 2007092721425601875IWearWatches.com Billing Address:Ligia Torchetti FerreiraRua Cuiaba, 675 ap 91Catanduva, 15800 220 Shipping Address:Rua Tenente Blum, 41Jardim S o PauloS o Paulo, 02041 050 MODEL NO. QTY CHARGE DESCRIPTIONWR0103-201 1 55.30 WR0103-201 Nike Imara Soar Iron Subtotal: 55.30Tax: 0.00Total: 63.25


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I also ordered a watch on 8/21/07.They billed by card.

I do not have the watch!


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